Native Reforestation Program

Benefiting the planet is benefiting you: every time you buy from us, we plant a tree. 


Deforestation has substantial and widespread negative impacts on climate, hydrology, soils and biodiversity, with subsequent impacts on societies and economies worldwide.

This is why we contribute and promote the ecological restoration of natural ecosystems which have been severally degraded after bushfires. The main aim is to regenerate the structure, diversity of species, composition and original functionality of the Patagonic Rainforest.

Offsetting the environmental impact by planting trees or supporting other forms of habitat restoration is a responsibility that we firmly face and embrace. To make this possible, Andina Tea has partnered to the reforestation project headed by ReforestArg.

ReforestArg is a non profit organization that belongs to all the volunteers who put their energy into the service of the forest. The specific goals of this community are:

 Develop Local Economies

We develop productive strategies of restoration by ecoregion. We design restorative production models with native trees, focusing on empowering isolated communities. We reconnect people with the forests they live in, that provide them with food. We give people the tools they need to achieve economic independence.

⋄ ​Restoration and Conservation of Native Forests 

We promote activities such as seed harvesting, seedling nursery, native-tree plantation in degraded sites and invasive-species control campaigns.


We create meeting spaces for people to inspire one another and change reality. We strengthen individual capacities. 


Reasons are multiple, but to sum up…

✓ Reforestation could provide an important tool for mitigating climate change in the short-term while fostering a low-carbon economy and improving environmental conditions jointly in the long-term.

✓ Restoration of forest ecosystems could directly mitigate climate change by sequestering atmospheric carbon, both above- and below-ground.

✓ Reforestation may improve links among existing remnant forest patches, increasing movement, gene flow and population size of native species.

✓ Re-establishing forests can restore biogeochemical cycling of carbon, oxygen and nutrients in the atmosphere.

 Working towards a greener and sustainable future will make any eco friendly-environmental program successful. Mother Nature will appreciate it, and life will reward you in a very special way.

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