About Us

We provide wellness seekers & tea lovers with premium quality tea blends & tools to enrich their tea drinking experience.

About the Founder

Hello! I’m Lula, tea specialist & founder of Andina Tea.

My experience with tea has radically evolved over the years and I'm here to share it all with you.

This tea journey started when I had a life-changing encounter with tea, after I came across a vintage Chinese tea tin packed with exotic aromas over a decade ago in Argentina. 

Inspired by those foreign yet captivating flavours, a growing interest in loose-leaf tea was gradually cultivated in my younger adult years. I became fascinated by the benefits of tea, its rich history, cultural customs & philosophy.

The pursuit of tea led me to explore the tea plant - Camellia Sinensis - in varied fields of application. From countless tea-tastings, tea rituals & tea plantations to conferences with many fellow tea drinkers from different backgrounds.

In 2021 Andina Tea was born as a tea blog. The aim was to share the many benefits of incorporating tea into a daily lifestyle and to highlight the importance of tea rituals focused on wellness and mindfulness. Soon after I added an online store with teas carefully selected from around Australia.

Today, Andina Tea keeps evolving its selection of teas from Australia and around the world. We provide wellness seekers & tea enthusiasts with premium quality tea blends and educational resources to enrich their tea drinking experience.

Our approach keeps the sacred things sacred while bringing you the versatility of tea in the modern era.

We believe tea is a whole world that holds the ancient wisdom to improve people’s lives. We encourage our fellow tea drinkers to experience their own tea journey & support their wellness goals.

So far, this tea journey has given me many valuable opportunities and a unique perspective that I hope to continue sharing with you. 

About the name

Pronounced "andeena", the brand was named after the Andes. The Andes is a large mountain range located in the Western edge of South America where I had the chance to travel & explore several times. How not to feel inspired by this stunning place?

''El Chalten'' - Patagonia Argentina.  Picture taken in 2018.



  • Committed to sustainability; only 100% natural and fair-trade teas are sourced and blended for distribution. In addition, most of them are certified organic.  
  • To offset its carbon footprint, Andina cooperates with an independent reforestation program called ReforestArg. One tree is planted for each sale.
  • The analysis of the information shared on the Journal is derived from reliable sources (mainly academic journals, scientific evidence and books).
  • The way in which Andina Tea operates calls for respect for the environment and communities. 
  • Through tea, we aim to make a difference with passion, knowledge and commitment.


That's all for now.

Hope you enjoy it,


Andina Tea



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